Volunteer Hours Recordkeeping

Three Ways to Record those Volunteer Hours!  A Record of Volunteer hours enables the school/district to evaluate its volunteer program and recognize its volunteers for their contribution of time.  The hours spent volunteering is an example of our community's commitment to quality education in our school district.

  • -For those who volunteer their precious time to AHS PTSA, please CLICK HERE for the Volunteer Hours Records Chart in order for you to track the number of hours you've worked for a particular activity(ies) by month as listed on the spreadsheet. Download the spreadsheet as an Excel file onto your computer and, as the school year progresses, continue to log your hours as you complete them. In the Spring-March, please email your completed chart to our Historian, Vivi Wong at: historian@ahspta.com
  • (See below for download instructions:When you're viewing the chart through Google docs (drive), click "File" at the top of your screen and choose "Download as..." from the dropdown options, then select "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)" or, if you don't have the new version of Excel, you can select "Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet)." Your new file will appear at the bottom left corner of your screen. Click the file and it will open in Excel. Remember to save it on your computer under a new name of your choosing. 
Thank you for recording those hours.  Vivi Wong, Historian 2019-20